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Dear Prospective Students and/or Parents,


Growing up, I experienced the frustration of hating music lessons. I started piano and violin at a very early age, was given superior instruction, but still managed to resent my musical studies. At age 13, I got my first guitar. My world changed completely. Suddenly, I was learning songs that were familiar to me, I was playing music because I chose to, not because I was forced, and most importantly, I was doing it on a solo instrument that I perceived to be hip and cool. 


My experiences have shaped the way I approach my work with students. I know how easy it is to get bogged down by technique, difficult practice assignments, and all the challenges of studying music. I try to offer my students the same joy that I discovered through the guitar. While many other instruments require years of study before an aesthetically pleasing sound is achieved, the guitar, much like the piano, is an exception. It can sound good, and be incredibly fun even in its most simple and beginner levels. 


I teach all my students to read music, guitar tablature and chord charts, and I place a strong emphasis on solid rhythm and interpretive skills.

I work with students of all ages and levels, and I require that

they play on a nylon string classical guitar. While many of my

students prefer the classical repertoire, the term classical

guitar does not mean one must play classical music. It simply

means that the guitarist plucks with the fingers instead of

a pick. Finger-style guitar is the most diverse method one can

learn. It covers every style of music from country and jazz, to

rock and classical.


I highly encourage students to explore their interest in popular

music if they wish. I have a large collection of solo and duo

arrangments of well-known pop tunes by artists such as Coldplay,

Radiohead, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Pink Floyd, Louis Armstrong,

One Republic, and the Beatles, to name just a few. 


Students in my studio are encouraged to perform on semi-monthly

recitals, as well as other local performance opportunities that



Please inquire about current lesson rates and locations throughout

the Cincinnati area. I meet with every prospective student for a

free no-obligation interview to go over questions about

instruments, books, policies etc.


Contact me to set up a free meeting!


Jeremy Collins

Photo courtesy of Guitar San Antonio

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